Use calendar.timegm when calculating cookie expiration #1860

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sigmavirus24 commented Jan 12, 2014

Fixes #1859

Credit: @Lukasa


Lukasa commented Jan 12, 2014

We need to confirm that this will match the actual parsing logic of cookies before we merge this: we don't want to start messing up cookies created in this way.


sigmavirus24 commented Jan 12, 2014

That's a good point @Lukasa. I'm guessing @gazpachoking might have a good idea. I'm just too tired to think this hard right now =P


Lukasa commented Jan 12, 2014

Me too, I'll take a look at this tomorrow.


kennethreitz commented Jan 23, 2014

Any update?


sigmavirus24 commented Jan 23, 2014

Sorry I never got around to that. @Lukasa how about you?


Lukasa commented Jan 24, 2014

Uh, no, totally dropped the ball here. I'll put it on my list. =)


sigmavirus24 commented Jan 30, 2014

@Lukasa how should we make sure this doesn't mess anything up?


Lukasa commented Jan 30, 2014

I'm not sure, to be honest. I'm wondering if there's a good way we can confirm our cookie-parsing code works in all locales.

@sigmavirus24 sigmavirus24 referenced this pull request Feb 3, 2014


Brittle test #1859


kennethreitz commented May 12, 2014

Closing due to inactivity.

@sigmavirus24 sigmavirus24 deleted the fix-1859 branch Mar 4, 2015

@Lukasa Lukasa referenced this pull request Oct 13, 2015


Test failure for 2.8.0 #2824

@Lukasa Lukasa restored the fix-1859 branch Dec 16, 2015

@Lukasa Lukasa reopened this Dec 16, 2015


Lukasa commented Dec 16, 2015

Ok, I'm reopening this because I've finally validated that the stdlib does this. That suggests that it's the right thing to do. I'll have to do the merge manually, but I'd like to have this.

@sigmavirus24, one question: could we meaningfully add this to a 2.9.1, or should it wait for 2.10.0?


sigmavirus24 commented Dec 16, 2015

I think this could be included in 2.9.1

@@ -393,8 +394,8 @@ def morsel_to_cookie(morsel):
expires = time.time() + morsel['max-age']
elif morsel['expires']:
time_template = '%a, %d-%b-%Y %H:%M:%S GMT'

sigmavirus24 Dec 16, 2015


Should the template have "GMT" in it?


Lukasa Dec 16, 2015


The honest answer is "probably not", to be honest: the RFC really doesn't require it at all, and instead only specifies that the time is to be parsed as UTC.

@Lukasa Lukasa merged commit 87abd9c into master Dec 18, 2015

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Lukasa commented Dec 18, 2015

\o/ Finally fixed, nearly two years after the original patch was proposed!

@kennethreitz kennethreitz deleted the fix-1859 branch Feb 2, 2016

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mac下,qt-browser分支登录时候报错. #20

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