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Integram 2.0

Framework and platform to integrate services with Telegram using the official Telegram Bot API

ℹ️ Individual integration repos are located at

CircleCI Docker Image GoDoc


How to use Integram in Telegram (using public bots)

Just use these links to add bots to your Telegram

Did not find your favorite service? 🤘 Vote for it

How to host Integram on your own server (using your private bots)

🐳 Docker way

   git clone && cd integram
  • Check the docker-compose.yml file for the required ENV vars for each service
    • E.g. in order to run the Trello integration you will need to export:

      • INTEGRAM_BASE_URL – the base URL where your Integram host will be accessible, e.g.

      • INTEGRAM_PORT – if set to 443 Integram will use ssl.key/ssl.cert at /go/.conf.

        • For Let's Encrypt: ssl.cert has to be fullchain.pem, not cert.pem

        This directory is mounted on your host machine. Just get the path and put these files inside

           ## Get the path of config directory on the host machine
           docker volume inspect -f '{{ .Mountpoint }}' integram_data-mainapp
      • TRELLO_BOT_TOKEN – your bot's token you got from @BotFather

      • You will need to get your own OAuth credentials from Trello

        • TRELLO_OAUTH_ID – API Key
        • TRELLO_OAUTH_SECRET – OAuth Secret
    • For more detailed info about other services you should check the corresponding repo at

  • Export the variables you identified in the previous step, for instance on linux this should be something like:
   export INTEGRAM_PORT=xxxx
   export ...
  • Now you can run the services (linux: careful if you need to sudo this, the exports you just did will not be available) :
   docker-compose -p integram up trello gitlab ## Here you specify the services you want to run
  • Or in background mode (add -d):
   docker-compose -p integram up -d trello gitlab
  • You should now see Integram's startup logs in your console
  • In Telegram, you can now start your bots (/start) and follow their directions, configure them using /settings
  • Some useful commands:
   ## Check the containers status
   docker ps
   ## Fetch logs for main container
   docker logs -f $(docker ps -aqf "name=integram_integram")   
  • To update Integram to the latest version:
    ## Fetch last version of images
    docker-compose pull integram trello gitlab
    ## Restart containers using the new images
    docker-compose -p integram up -d trello gitlab

🛠 Old-school way (No docker)

    ## set the GOPATH to the absolute path of directory containing 'src' directory that you have created before
    export GOPATH=/var/integram
    cd $GOPATH/src/integram
    ## install dependencies
    dep init
    go build integram && ./integram


Dependencies are specified in Gopkg.toml and fetched using Go dep


Feel free to send PRs. If you want to contribute new service integrations, please create an issue first. Just to make sure someone is not already working on it.

Libraries used in Integram


Code licensed under GPLV3 license



Integrate Telegram into your workflow – Trello, Gitlab, Bitbucket and other bots





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