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Mention more about how to set up the directory structure to run tests.

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# Directory layout
-**NOTE**: If you clone this repository, it **must** be a sibling to a clone of the
-[RequireJS repository](, where that
-repository is called **requirejs**. Otherwise the tests will not run.
+## Directory prerequisites
+r.js assumes that there are some other projects checked out as sibling
+directories to it, and named certain names, in order for the tests to pass.
+So it is best to create the following directory structure with the following
+git clone commands:
+ mkdir requirejs
+ cd requirejs
+ git clone git://
+ git clone git://
+ git clone git://
+So there should be a sibling `requirejs` and `text` directories to the r.js
+directory containing your clone of the r.js project.
+## Directory details
+The r.js project has the following directory layout:
* **dist.js**: the script that builds r.js
* **require.js**: the version of require.js to include in r.js

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