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Could we create a npm package for require-cs?

I am exploring to use AMD in CoffeeScript over node.js, I want a way to unify my code for the client side and the server side. So I started to write a wrapper for require-cs:

It is very simple but worked. But if a npm package for require-cs exists, it would be great.


jrburke commented Dec 21, 2011

I'm not sure what that would look like -- require-cs can only be used with requirejs at the moment, so I'm not sure best to do that for an npm package -- my impression is that if there is an npm package, then it should be runnable in node without extra hoops.

It also means require-cs would be installed in node_modules, something that requirejs should not normally try to inspect for modules, since they are usually node-formatted modules.

I'm also not sure what name to use in the package.json. 'require-cs' seems a bit much to type, but most descriptive.

Any thoughts are appreciated, but I'm not sure it makes sense yet for it.

Yes, and please ignore it.

This morning I realize my request is not proper, because require-cs is a plugin only for require.js, not others in the node.js world.

Sorry for that.


jrburke commented Dec 21, 2011

OK, closing the issue.

jrburke closed this Dec 21, 2011

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