2.1.11 => 2.1.12 build bug #1129

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I've found a build bug on 2.1.12 when trying to run jquery/globalize tests

You can check this here:

Note that grunt-contrib-requirejs searchs for ~2.1.0, so 2.1.12 is comming on all further npm installs till a new version release.

I did all the diffs to find what was happening and the only practical diff that have interference with this build was this require version, that adds an extra . on namespaced methods.

JSHint exploded on that, e.g.:

Running "jshint:dist" (jshint) task
Linting dist/globalize/date.js ...ERROR
[L35:C9] W033: Missing semicolon.
var date..ArrayMap = function( array, callback ) {
[L35:C9] E030: Expected an identifier and instead saw '.'.
var date..ArrayMap = function( array, callback ) {
[L35:C10] E033: Expected an operator and instead saw '.'.

To double check if the problem was on requirejs, I've went to node_modules/grunt-contrib-requirejs folder (on Globalize project), and manually installed RequireJS 2.1.11 with npm install requirejs@2.1.11. Then the globalize build worked fine.

I'll fork/download this repo to try to help and submit a PR, till there, I think it is enough reported. :)


@leobalter leobalter referenced this issue in globalizejs/globalize May 27, 2014

RequireJS 2.1.12 issue is preventing build #262


Ok, found that this came out on @3f9160e, that fixed #1107, exactly here

A rollback would fix other projects - as Globalize - but reopen #1107 issue, I would go for it, but it's up to your decision now.

cc: @jzaefferer, @rxaviers

@leobalter leobalter added a commit to leobalter/requirejs that referenced this issue May 27, 2014
@leobalter leobalter trimDots rollback to fix building parts
Fixes #1129
@jrburke jrburke added this to the 2.1.13 milestone May 27, 2014
@jrburke jrburke closed this in c5e93ca May 27, 2014
jrburke commented May 27, 2014

Thanks for pointing this out. Sorry for the messing that up. I just pushed a fix, and will push out a 2.1.13 shortly. Going with a fix instead of a rollback to maintain the other fixes. Tested locally in globalize and it passes with this change.


Perfect. Thank you

@jrburke jrburke added a commit to requirejs/r.js that referenced this issue May 27, 2014
@jrburke jrburke Rev for 2.1.13, and test for requirejs/requirejs#1129 0247092
jrburke commented May 27, 2014

2.1.13 is published now.

@theurere theurere referenced this issue in strukturag/spreed-webrtc Jul 2, 2014

Update require.js to 2.1.14 #60

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