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I'm experiencing a fairly peculiar behavior - my RequireJS modules seem to be not initializing and running at all in IE9:

        <script data-main="/static/js/main" src="/static/js/libs/require.js"></script> // Seems to be not running at all.

However, whenever I fire up IE9's developer tool, and reload the page, the modules will be running just fine as they should in Firefox/Chrome/Safari/etc. Cleaning browser cache and closing the developer tool will again render the JavaScript not running entirely.

Another way to kick-start the execution of the modules seems to be adding a synchronous script calling before it:

        <script type="text/javascript" src=""></script> // Adds a synchronous script calling here and the modules below will execute.
        <script data-main="/static/js/main" src="/static/js/libs/require.js"></script>

It would appear that the reason of the weird behavior may either be:

  • Something went wrong with RequireJS' async loading
  • Something went wrong that caused the scripts to run before DOM is ready

Why the developer tool can kick-start it really baffled me though.

Looking for a way to solve it, and perhaps an explanation to this weird phenomenon.

requirejs member

This normally means the HTML page or a piece of javascript has a console.log() or some console.* call in it. When the developer tools are opened, it defines console, but when it is closed, it does not exist.

So I would start by looking for that. I'm going to close this as I expect that is the issue, but we can reopen later if we find an issue.

@jrburke jrburke closed this Oct 6, 2012

That, sir, was exactly the source of the issue! Turned out it's another stupidity on IE's part... Thank you very much for your insight =D

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