Shim config documentation misguide user with paths config. #730

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Here is an example. It requires RequireJS 2.1.0+, and assumes backbone.js, underscore.js and jquery.js have been installed in the baseUrl directory. If not, then you may need to set a paths config for them:

This is incorrect.

With RequireJS 2.15, I tried setting my jquery plugins paths aliases with the 'paths' config but it didn't work. I had to to write down the full plugin path relative to the baseUrl directory to make the shim config work. I can update the doc with a pull request if needed.


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Can you give more info on how it failed, perhaps with a more concrete example? It should work out if the paths config values are either absolute paths, or if relative, relative to the baseUrl setting. So,

  baseUrl: 'scripts',
  paths: {
    jquery: 'jquery-2.0.0/jquery-2.0.0'

With that config, 'jquery' will be loaded from scripts/jquery-2.0.0/jquery-2.0.0.js. If you could modify that example config to show how it fails, that might help identify the problem.

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