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RequireJS dist

This directory contains the tools that are used to build distributions of RequireJS and its web site.

When doing a release, do the following:

  • Update files to the new version number:
    • require.js, both places
    • docs/ check for nested paths too, add new release section
    • pre.html
    • post.html
  • Update version in x.js in the r.js project if necessary.
  • Check in changes to r.js project.
  • Check in changes to sample projects:

    • requirejs/example-jquery-cdn
    • requirejs/example-jquery-shim
    • requirejs/example-multipage
    • requirejs/example-multipage-shim
    • requirejs/example-libglobal
    • volojs/create-template
    • volojs/create-responsive-template
    • amodrojs/amodro-trace (UPDATE ESPRIMA(?), parse.js?, run tests too)
  • Tag the requirejs and r.js trees:

    • git tag -am "Release 0.0.0" 0.0.0
    • git push --tags
  • UPDATE THE "latest" tags

  • Commit changes to cajon, test

    • Rev cajon version
    • change package.json
    • tag it
  • Update the requirejs-npm directory
    • Update version in package.json
    • Modify bin/r.js to add: #!/usr/bin/env node
    • npm uninstall -g requirejs
    • npm install . -g
    • r.js -v
    • node (then use repl to do require("requirejs"))
    • Try a local install.
    • npm publish (in the requirejs-npm/requirejs directory)
  • Update requirejs-bower
    • tag the repo, with "latest" too.
    • git push
  • Update the requirejs-nuget directory (DO ON WINDOWS)
    • Update the require.js and r.js versions in content/Scripts using volo add -nostamp -f
    • Update Package.nuspec to rev version number.
    • NuGet.exe Pack Package.nuspec
    • NuGet.exe Push RequireJS.0.0.0.nupkg

Now pull down the tagged version to do a distribution, do this in git/ directory:

  • rm -rf ./requirejs-dist ./requirejs-build
  • git clone git:// requirejs-dist
  • cd requirejs-dist
  • git checkout 0.0.0
  • cd dist

Run the distribution tasks.

To generate a build

  • ./ 0.0.0

To generate the web site:

  • node dist-site.js
  • cd dist-site
  • zip -r ./*
  • mv ../../../requirejs-build/