Is it possible to add a configuration for default extension when none is provided? #78

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First of all, this plugin is really really helpful, congratulations.

I'm working on a project using handlebars templates and I would like to specify a dependency as text!myTempl rather than text!myTempl.html.

Would you agree to have it as a defaultExtension configuration? I can implement it myself and PR it, just wanna if you think it's worth implementing.


jrburke commented Apr 14, 2014

I would prefer to not support this in the plugin because it leads to different interpretations of the module ID across modules that may depend on the text plugin: two different module packages may want to use that setting differently, or may expect to load a text resource without an extension, and it would lead to complications.

So I think it is best to keep a fork of the plugin if you prefer this just for your projects.

@jrburke jrburke closed this Apr 14, 2014

Fair enough, didn't thought about that.

It's interesting to note that this doesn't seem too much of a problem for me nowadays. Guess I got used to it.


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