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⚠️ This note lists the changes that occurred since the v0.1.0a18 release, ie. including the v0.1.0a19 release.

  • Cataloging:

    • New rero-ils resource for authorities (MEF records), for now only for persons.
    • Authorities for persons harvested form the new MEF RERO service.
  • Interface:

    • Document covers displayed, when available.
    • Facets:
      • Reordering of facets.
      • Replaced "locations" by "libraries" facet.
      • Facets are foldable and extendable.
      • New "sources" facet for the persons results page.
    • Persons are searchable (only by logged-in librarians yet).
    • Two detailed views implemented for persons, displaying data sources.
    • New administration sidebar menu.
    • New sticky autohide header bar, with new menu.
  • Editor:

    • Deletion of record is verified: when the record is linked to other resources, the delete button is disabled and a message is shown.
  • Circulation:

    • The librarian can define patron types.
    • The librarian can define item types.
    • The librarian can define circulation policies.
  • Harvesting: added a parameter to limit the number of records to harvest by OAI-PMH or API.

  • Refactoring:

    • reroils-app, reroils-data, reroils-record-editor modules merged together and renamed to rero-ils.
    • Module structure and script helpers updated using the new released version of invenio-cookie-cutter.
    • New installation process and contributing guidelines documented.
    • In the consortial structure, member renamed to library.
  • Issues closed: #71, #20, #53, #44, #94, #109, #103, #111, #127, #125.

  • Known issues: the sidebar partially hides the content; this will be fixed in the next deployment.

Oct 11, 2018
release: v0.1.0a19
Signed-off-by: Johnny Mariéthoz <>

@iGormilhit iGormilhit released this Aug 27, 2018 · 44 commits to master since this release

Assets 2
  • eBooks records from external services are imported and synchronized; from the detailed view of these eBooks, the users can bounce through a link to the source.
  • The search has now AND as a default boolean.

@iGormilhit iGormilhit released this Aug 20, 2018 · 50 commits to master since this release

Assets 2
  • Data: add document types (articles, books, journals, scores, sounds, videos).
  • Fix issues #46, #57, #59, #61, #66

@iGormilhit iGormilhit released this Aug 20, 2018 · 55 commits to master since this release

Assets 2
  • Fix issues #9, #11, #42
  • Fix translations errors.
  • Add circulation statecharts (item and loan point of view).

@iGormilhit iGormilhit released this Jun 27, 2018 · 58 commits to master since this release

Assets 2
  • Circulation:
    • The circulation module interface supports routing (i.e. independent URLs per functional page, for reference and navigation purposes).
    • The table in the pending view is sortable.
    • Messages are displayed to librarians when requested items are checked in.
    • Messages are displayed to librarians when requests are validated (new status at desk, or in transit).
    • When a request is validated, the related patron is notified by email.
  • Fixtures:
    • There is only one organisation with three members (libraries). The example looks like a true small network of libraries.
    • Some patrons have been added, with predefined circulation transactions. These transactions can be set in the reroils-data/data/circulation-transactions.json file. This is especially useful for testing purposes.
  • Data:
    • Librarians can access the item full view, which displays the related circulation transactions (loan and requests).
    • Visitors and logged in patrons aren't authorized to access members (libraries), locations and patron full views.
  • User experience:
    • The web interface is enriched with links that enable librarians to access more quickly the needed information or functions.
    • The availability information has been simplified with only two colors: green if available, red if not. When an item isn't available, some additional information is displayed when relevant (ie. due date).
  • Issues fixed: #11, #26, #27, #30
Jun 26, 2018

@iGormilhit iGormilhit released this May 30, 2018 · 70 commits to master since this release

Assets 2


  • User management:
    • Fixtures: the script creates a librarian for each member (library), three patrons with on-going circulations transactions [see the help page].
    • Librarians can create users and grant or revoke them roles.
      • Users with no roles can:
        • log in
        • and search for documents.
      • Users with the patron role can:
        • access their profile,
        • place requests
        • and borrow items.
      • Users with the staff role are authorized to:
        • manage all resources (documents, items, organisations, members, locations, users):
        • make use of the circulation module.
  • Data:
    • Item and patron barcodes are validated at creation in order to assure that they are unique. This is required by the circulation-ui module.
    • Member and location codes are also validated.
  • Search:
    • The placeholder of search input in the header changes according to the search view (documents, organisations, users). In the future, this will be a selector menu.
  • Circulation:
    • The reroils-circulation-ui enables the management of requests (on items for now).
    • Additional item states have been added, such as at desk (the item is ready to be picked up at the loan office) and in transit (the item is being sent from one library to another).
    • In the circulation module, logged in librarians have access to a second tab that displays the pending requests related to their library.
    • Librarians can validate requests, meaning that the item has been retrieved from the shelf. The item state changes accordingly (at desk or in transit).
    • In the check in / check out tab, the renewal action is now available.

@iGormilhit iGormilhit released this May 8, 2018 · 83 commits to master since this release

Assets 2
  • Users management:
    • Patrons fixtures have been extended with actual circulation transactions, such as check out and pending request, and authentication data. Therefore, these patrons are ready for testing actions.
    • Logged-in patrons can display their profile including personal data, list of borrowed and pending documents.
  • Data:
    • A global API for all resources (records) is now available (class IlsRecords and RecordWithElements).
    • Circulation transactions are logged into a postgres table, enabling loan history.
    • Logged patrons can make requests on items, except if the item is missing or if the item is already requested/loaned by the patron.
    • When a patron request an item, a pick up location must be selected in a drop down menu.
    • Requested items are marked as such in the document detailed view (On loan requested or requested).
    • If there's several request on the same item, the logged-in patron can see its rank in the pending list.
  • Circulation:
    • The reroils-circulation-ui enables:
      • patron basic information display, with borrowed item and due dates,
      • check out (already in v.0.1.0a11),
      • in check out mode, default actions are guessed by the system, but can be modified by the librarian before validation,
      • check-in,
      • check-in missing item (when found again),
      • patron basic information display, with borrowed item and due dates.
  • Documentation: the public demo help has been moved to the reroils-app GitHub's wiki.
Assets 2
  • Users management:
    • Now we have patron's accounts, with some fixtures.
    • There's a view for patrons.
    • Patrons can be searched.
    • The account is able to create a patron's account.
    • The patron's account is linked to a user's account through the email.
  • Data:
    • The reroils-data module has been rewrited to get separated submodules for each type of record (documents, items, organisations, members, locations, patrons).
    • Institutions, libraries and locations are now organisations, members and locations.
    • Links now exists between:
      • organisations, members and locations,
      • patrons and users,
      • patrons and items when a patron borrowed an item,
      • items and locations.
        Links between documents and items were already implemented.
    • The account can, from the document detailed view, add items and link them to:
      • documents,
      • locations.
    • When an item is created or edited, the barcode is checked in order to assure uniqueness.
    • All record types (document, item, organisation, member, location, patron) can be created, edited and deleted.
  • Circulation:
    • Now there a specific view for circulation (an angular application).
    • The account can use it to lend items to a patron.
    • The same view should be used to realize check-ins and manual renewals in the future (to be tested).

The public demo is still on