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Circulation, authorities and search completion

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@iGormilhit iGormilhit released this 28 Mar 07:45
· 1785 commits to master since this release
  • User interface:
    • Upgrade to twitter bootstrap 4.1.3 and fontawesome 4.7.
    • Simplification and harmonization of the user interface (public and professional views).
    • The menu moved from the sidebar to the header, with an improved responsive behaviour.
    • Favicons added.
    • The document type is also displayed in the item detailed view.
    • Fix subjects facets issue (mapping).
    • Hide facet when it's empty and remove date range facet.
    • Professional views are now an angular application:
      • Circulation ui, circulation settings, library edition, all editors.
      • Library and circulation policies are custom editors, the others are built with the form options, JSON shema, through angular6-json-schema-form.
      • Search for resources (libraries, patron types, item types, circulation policies, documents, patrons).
      • On the fly translation mechanism implemented for angular application.
      • A new modal dialog added in the professional views for resources deletion.
    • Circulation user interface compliant with invenio-circulation and circulation policies mechanism.
    • Public search view rewritten in angular6.
    • Autocomplete dialog during search (documents and persons) with direct links to authorities.
    • Remove invenio-search-ui from the dependencies.
    • Reorder professional menus in a modular structure that should make sense to the professional.
  • Editors:
    • Selector menus in the editor are dynamically populated (ie. PID are replaced by actual names).
    • Library editor: completely rewritten:
      • Opening hours can be set, as well as holidays and exceptions.
      • Fields are dynamically validated.
  • Links between resources:
    • Use the JSON reference resolution ($ref) supported by invenio, for MEF Person authorities too (through APIs).
    • All PID links are JSON reference.
    • Many search and detailed views have been updated correspondingly.
    • Library facet is now based on the library PID.
  • API:
    • New replace function, different from update.
    • is_open function to determine if the library is open.
    • Resolvers added, especially a global one.
    • A global can_delete function added, to identify if a resource can be deleted or not, also for item types and patron types.
  • Circulation:
    • Integration of invenio-circulation and refactoring of circulation APIs.
    • Circulation ui refactoring to make use of the invenio-circulation API and the $ref mechanism.
    • Circulation policies can be added, edited in a custom angular form.
    • Circulation policies taken into account for each circulation transaction and for the display of the request button.
  • Fixtures:
    • Libraries with opening hours, holidays and exceptions.
    • Data importation has been updated after the $ref refactoring, especially for links between bibliographic records and MEF Person authorites.
  • Tests:
    • All tests are now compliant with invenio-pytest.
  • MEF:
    • Document brief and detailed views display MEF authorities as a link.
    • MEF Person detailed view provides a list of documents whose author is that person.
    • MEF Person detailed view data are dynamically fetched from the MEF server (
    • During indexing, data of the MEF record is injected into the document index.
    • Improve the mapping and indexing of MEF records, in order to display the person's name depending on the language interface.
  • Fixed issues: #37, #43, #48, #70, #126, #114, #137, #164, #215, #221, #234