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Git workflow

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The main RERO ILS git repository has two main branches:

  1. The master branch contains the last official release, tagged, which is deployed on
  2. The dev branch contains the work being done during a sprint, or in between two releases. When on the dev branch a release is ready, the dev branch is pushed to master.

Each contributor has his or her own fork and opens a PR (pull request) usign either the rero-ils/dev branch as its base, or a specific rero-ils branch corresponding to a specific US (user story).

This way, the development team is able to deploy a specific PR or a US branch on the staging server, allowing the PO (product owner) to test a new functionality.

Adding remotes URL

  1. Get the git remote repository URL you need to add.
  2. git remote add [name] [git remote repository URL]

For the name, chose a name that you can easily memorize.

Updating your branches

  1. Fetch the changes:
    • git fetch [remote name] or
    • git fetch [remote name] -p (prune deleted branches) or
    • git fetch --all (fetch changes of all remotes) or
    • git fetch --all -p (fetch changes of all remotes and prune) or
  2. Place yourself in the branch you want to update:
    • git checkout [branch name] or
    • git switch [branch name]
  3. Update your branch:
    • git pull [remote name] [branch name] or
    • git rebase [remote name]/[branch name] or
    • git reset --hard [remote name]/[branch name] (this will overwrite all your local changes).

Very often, you'll need to rebase your working branch on the dev branch, because the dev branch has move just before your PR opening or merging:

  • git switch [your working branch name]
  • git rebase [main rero-ils remote name]/dev

You may need to resolve conflicts.

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