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Useful commands

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Reinstall development environment

:warning: Needs to be updated!

docker-compose down
docker rmi rero/reroils-app:dev

To refresh the docker images, docker-compose pull should do it.

Then update your docker-compose.yml with the new version on INSTALL.rst

Do not forget to change the two changeit inside the docker-compose.yml file with your new dev directory.

:warning: You need to create manually your new dev directory !


docker-compose up

It should take some times...

At the end of the install process, run the script:

Either from the container:

docker-compose exec web bash

Or from the directory containing the docker-compose.yml file:

docker-compose exec web ./

You should see the reroils-app on http://localhost:5000, with the 10'000 bib rec. And also, a html editor at http://localhost:5000/editor/new

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