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Project context and info

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RERO is the library network of Western Switzerland. MEF is developed in the context of the RERO ILS project, which aims at creating an open source integrated library system for public, patrimonial and school libraries from all parts of Switzerland.

MEF will be used as an authority or entity file in RERO ILS, but the aim is also to enable a reuse by other systems interested in multilingualism. The multilingual content of the data is synchronised with major authority files (for example from German and French National Libraries), in order to maximise the reuse of existing sources and to minimise the manual creation of new entities.

MEF is created, as its sister project RERO ILS, on the basis of the Invenio 3 framework.

This prototype is still in the development stage and is regularly updated with new features and data. The source code and the release notes are available on Github.

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