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The stubbs commands help you develop modules according to the rerun layout conventions and metadata format. Stubbs won't write the implementations for you but it will help keep you between the guard rails!

Use stubbs:add-module to define new rerun modules and stubbs:add-command to define commands. Provide paramters to your commands by using stubbs:add-option to give them named arguments. After defining your commands and options, edit their scripts using stubbs:edit to open the implementation in your configured text editor.

Use stubbs:docs to generate documentation for any module. This documentation is useful to both the end users of your module as well as fellow contributors. If stubbs docs aren't available to you online, run rerun stubbs:docs -m stubbs to generate stubbs own documentation.

Stubbs includes support for unit testing modules through the use of roundup. Run a module's test plans via the stubbs:test command.

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