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rerun: Dance your way through standard operating procedure.

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If you’ve got a bunch of loose unstructured shell scripts, rerun will help you turn them into testable automation modules.

Minimalism is rerun’s goal. It will try to stay out of your way yet take care of some of your grunt work.

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Project Home

Getting started

  1. See Installation on obtaining rerun.
  2. The project provides usage information.
  3. Make rerun modules with stubbs.
  4. Contribute to rerun Development or create a module rerun-modules.
  5. Screencasts

Note: rerun is in its early stages. We may break some stuff and some things may be less than perfect. However generally rerun works, we’re just setting your expectations a bit lower so you don’t flame us. Thanks!


If you wonder why somebody would come up with this project, see: Why rerun?.

The FAQ.

This project is absolutely free open source software (refer to the License).