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cplay is a curses front-end for various audio players. It aims
to provide a power-user-friendly interface with simple filelist
and playlist control. cplay is written in Python and can use
either pyncurses or the standard curses module.
- cplay
- python
- python-oss (optional)
- mpg321 (optional)
- ogg123 (optional)
- mpg123 (optional)
- splay (optional)
- madplay (optional)
- mikmod (optional)
- fintl (optional)
- pyncurses (optional)
- ID3-py (optional)
- pyvorbis (optional)
- xmp (optional)
- sox (optional)
- speex (optional)
make install
cplay [-nrRv] [ file | dir | playlist ] ...
When in doubt, press 'h' for a friendly help page.
If you would like to change options passed to the actual players
just edit the PLAYERS list in the cplay script or put the PLAYERS
definition in either ~/.cplayrc or /etc/cplayrc. If one of these
files is available, it is executed by cplay before initialization.
Note, currently there is no version control for the rc-file!
In order for either mp3info (ID3) or ogginfo to work,
both corresponding python modules have to be installed.
This will probably change someday.
A playlist can contain URLs, but the playlist itself will
have to be local. For mpeg streaming, splay is recommended.
It is also possible to pipe a playlist to cplay, as stdin
will be reopened on startup unless it is attached to a tty.
Remote control via /var/tmp/cplay_control; see lircrc.