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#!/usr/bin/ruby -w
# $Id: transaction_lookup1,v 1.1 2008/04/27 21:24:21 ianmacd Exp $
require 'amazon/aws'
require 'amazon/aws/search'
include Amazon::AWS
include Amazon::AWS::Search
tl = '103-5663398-5028241' )
rg = 'TransactionDetails' )
req =
req.locale = 'us'
resp = tl, rg )
trans = resp.transaction_lookup_response.transactions.transaction
printf( "Transaction date was %s.\n", trans.transaction_date )
printf( "It was in the amount of %s and the seller was %s.\n",, trans.seller_name )
printf( "The shipping charge was %s and the package was sent by %s.\n",
trans.shipments.shipment.delivery_method )
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