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IPython Notebook UI Concept


This concept proposes a collapsible side-pane that allows quick notebook navigation.

In figure above:

  1. Notebook title.
  2. Notebook file path.
  3. A fixed-height side pane consisting of two tabs:
    • MiniMap tab: similar to Sublime Text minimap, showing the structure of the document using Heading cells.
    • Notebooks tab: a tree-view of the notebooks in the current directory (including subdirectories). Clicking on each notebook either opens it in a new tab or goes to its tab if it is already open.
  4. MiniMap area - working as a TOC. Clicking on any part of the MiniMap will navigate notebook to that section.
  5. Green horizontal line showing the location of the last executed cell.
  6. Current view. The light gray box shows the location of the current view in the notebook.
  7. General info, like last edit and memory usage by this notebook.
  8. "No nbconvert" checkbox prevents nbconvert to include this cell in the latex files. Useful when converting to latex to prevent the inclusion of large pure-code sections.
  9. Collapse this cell and the corresponding output.