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In no particular order:
11) Write test cases for gr-* components.
For the one's that have a h/w dependency, just confirm that we can
load the module. See gr_audio_alsa/src/audio_alsa.test for an
For the others, write a test in the style of the ones in
80) Confirm make dist and make distcheck work
81) Anything else that would keep us from merging into next.
82) Get some other developers to try it out.
90) Merge to next
100) Handle any fallout we missed.
Low priority:
6) Fix printed representation of blocks in gr_block.i
9) Any other FIXME style warnings.
(Last one is in usrp2.i)
12) Swig guile modules names: s/_/-/g
16) Test this stuff with Guile 1.9 to confirm that it works and to see
how much faster it is. Load time currently is currently kind of doggy.
These are done:
1) [DONE] Ensure that libraries containing swig generated code are regenerated
when any relevant .i file is touched.
2) [DONE] SIGINT handling in gr_top_block::wait
3) [DONE] Ensure that all 4 combinations of
--{enable,disable}-python --{enable,disable}-guile
work correctly.
When both are disabled swig should NOT be run.
When --enable-guile --disable-python, python swig stuff should not be generated.
When --disable-guile --enable-python, guile swig stuff should not be generated.
4) [DONE] Fix GR_SWIG_BLOCK_MAGIC so that in the guile case we don't map all
the constructors into the same name. E.g. audio_alsa_sink -> sink.
(Causes problem when multiple gr-* modules are used.)
5) [DONE]Ensure that all gr-* components are generating guile code when
enabled, and that (1) and (3) are handled in all gr-* components.
5b) [DONE] Don't forget gr-howto-write-a-block. (It's got its own and is built separately from the rest.)
7) [DONE] Fix gr-usrp so that it works. Probably related to
warning received when generating python bindings.
Making the swig/python warning go away will probably resolve the
guile problem.
8) [DONE] Fix gr_message_{sink,source} so that they work under guile.
(Not sure if I disabled one or both of these...)
10) [DONE] Finish gnuradio-core test cases
13) [DONE] Change guile libnames to libguile-gnuradio-<module-name>
14) [DONE] Add support to for
"withlibs", OS/X (DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH), windows (PATH)
15) [DONE] Rewrite gr-run-waveform as C/C++ code that embeds guile.
See if we can't statically link libguile into this.
Will need to figure out which packages provide libguile.a.
17) [DONE] Get std::vector< std::complex<float> > working
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