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Generator by: resba

Hash Generator for the OpenFlame Framework's OfHash.php class file. The repository can be found here:

This project is simply for those who want a little hash generator if your using the OpenFlame Framework OfHash Class. In the future I'll update it to look pretty or even publish it to a host. I don't own OpenFlame or its OfHash class, I just figured that since I built this, people would enjoy having a little hash generator around.

Eventually I will work on the presentation and implementation of other possible ways to check hashes, etc.

--How to use the Generator--

Simply install MAMP, WAMP, or LAMP on your computer (Or upload it to a web server with PHP enabled) and navigate to the index page, hash away!

If you don't want to go through the hassle, you can use the version on my website: (Link now works)

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