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Suggest projects to work on at the weekly ResBazAZ Hacky Hour and Coffee & Code meetings
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Want to work on something specific at Hacky Hour or Coffee & Code? Want to find other cool people to work on it with you? You have the power to make it happen!

  1. Go to the 'Issues' section on this GitHub project and see if there is already an issue describing a project which you would like to work on

    • If there is, add elaborating comments and encouragement to the original issue creator
    • If not, create a new issue describing what you would like to work on, and why other people might find it interesting
  2. Schedule the project and let potential collaborators know

    • Go to the Meetup events page:
    • Find the next event on the calendar when you want to work on the project (either a Hacky Hour or Coffee & Code)
    • Add a comment to the scheduled event with a link to the GitHub issue (see step 1) you are planning to work on
    • Yes, it's absolutely OK if we work on multiple projects per meeting! The more the merrier!

Note: If you don't have any particular project in mind and just want to help out, check out the GitHub issues above and indicate your interest in specific projects by giving them 'thumbsups' 👍

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