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-*- Text -*-
This is Rescapp. Welcome.
This file contains instructions for installing Rescapp.
Rescapp does not need to be compiled.
The Install Requirements
Rescapp depends on some software packages installed into your system. If
you don't have any of them, please obtain and install them before
installing Rescapp.
* GNU Make
* GNU Coreutils
Installing Rescapp
The simplest way to install this package is:
1. `cd' to the directory containing the package's source code.
2. Type `make install' to install the programs and any data files and
Installation Names
By default, `make install' will install the package's files in
`/usr/local/bin', `/usr/local/lib', etc. You can specify an
installation prefix by preceding `make' with environment variable prefix.
E.g.: prefix=/usr make install
DESTDIR environment variable also works as a prefix as Debian (and other
GNU/Linux distributions expect it to work).
E.g.: DESTDIR=/tmp/rescapp-test prefix=/usr make install
Please note, however, that Rescapp knows where it is located in the
filesystem. If you have installed it in an unusual location, the
system might not work properly, or at all. The chief utility of these
options for Rescapp is to allow you to "install" in some alternate
location, and then copy these to the actual root filesystem later.
The Runtime Requirements
Rescapp depends on some software packages installed into your system. If
you don't have any of them, please obtain and install them before
using Rescapp.
chntpw package should be get from Rescatux official repo. stretch-dev main
Debian Package Runtime Requirements
You will find the needed Debian Jessie packages in the following list.
PYTHON_PACKAGES="python-pyqt5 python-pyqt5.qtwebkit"
GPARTED_PACKAGES="gparted gpart dosfstools"
libcryptsetup4 \
cryptsetup-bin \
FILESYSTEM_PACKAGES="reiserfsprogs \
reiser4progs \
btrfs-tools \
xfsprogs \
xfsdump \
ntfs-3g \
gdisk \
efibootmgr \
chntpw \
zenity \
iceweasel \
hexchat \
syslinux \
pastebinit \
lilo \
" # I add syslinux so that isohybrid command is recognised.
SELinux support
If you want Rescapp to work ok with SELinux systems your Live CD system
needs probably to be boot in SELinux mode.
Suggested Kernel parametres might be:
selinux=1 security=selinux enforcing=0
And you will also need some SELinux packages.
These were the needed ones when using jessie and sid
back in 2015 October.
python-selinux \
python-semanage \
policycoreutils-python-utils \
selinux-basics \
auditd \
selinux-policy-default \
setools \
Git based Debian package build
The official repo use two branches for rescapp:
debian-dev branch is used only for representing the debian/ branch.
When a new release comes out there will be one tag at the master branch
and another tag at the debian-dev tag.
We are going to use version 0.51b3 as an example on how to build
Rescapp as a package.
Available tags are: v0.51b3 and v051b3-debian .
Please enter an empty folder and follow this procedure:
git clone -b v0.51b3 rescapp-0.51b3
# Ignore detached HEAD warning
rm -rf rescapp-0.51b3/.git/
tar czf rescapp_0.51b3.orig.tar.gz rescapp-0.51b3/
rm -rf rescapp-0.51b3/
git clone -b v0.51b3-debian rescapp-0.51b3
# Ignore detached HEAD warning
rm -rf rescapp-0.51b3/.git/
cd rescapp-0.51b3
dpkg-buildpackage -us -uc
cd ..
rm -rf rescapp-0.51b3/
Once the procedure has ended without any errors you will find these
package files: