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Contributor Covenant

This is the official documentation platform for the ReScript programming language.

In case you want to report a technical issue, please refer to the appropriate repository:

In case you are missing some specific documentation:

  • Some language / compiler feature may not be documented yet
  • Create an issue to let us know what you are missing
  • In case you want to contribute missing docs, please refer to our Contribution section

System Requirements

  • node@16.x or higher (for ES6 module compat)
  • npm@7 or higher (package-lock v2)


# For first time clone / build (install dependencies)
npm i

# Only needed for initial clone (or content H2 changes)
npm run update-index

# Initial build
npx rescript

# Build the index data
npm run update-index

# In a new tab
npm run dev

open localhost:3000

In case you want to run ReScript in watchmode:

npx rescript build -w

Build Index Data

We are parsing our content for specific index data (such as, all interesting search terms we need for searching inside the Belt docs). You can create your index by running following command:

npm run update-index

All the index data is stored in index_data, but will not be tracked by git. Make sure to build the index after a fresh clone, otherwise Next might not build specific pages (file index_data/x.json not found).

Project Structure Overview

  • data: Contains hand-curated data, such as sidebar ordering, blog data, etc
  • index_data: Contains generated data, usually generated by scripts like scripts/extract-tocs.js
  • compilers: Contains a subdirectory with independently installed ReScript compilers, to be able to compile / test examples with different ReScript versions
  • misc_docs: Contains pages independent resources that are embedded in miscellaneous pages (e.g. for the syntax lookup)
  • pages: All Next pages. Those are written in JS / MDX, some pages are re-exporting ReScript based pages from the src/ directory.
  • styles: Contains all extra CSS that cannot be expressed with Tailwind
  • src: Contains all ReScript related code for the UI. Within src, you will also find all ReScript based Next pages that are re-exported in the pages directory
    • /bindings: (Zero-cost) bindings to JS libraries / apis
    • /common: ReScript modules that are neither bindings, nor components
    • /components: ReScript / React components used by multiple pages
    • /ffi: (to be deprecated) Plain JS that some ReScript code binds to (use raw statements for that)
    • /layouts: All Next layouts used in our pages. Check out src/common/App.res for mapping layouts to routes
  • plugins: Contains plugins for all kinds of things: HighlightJS, MDX, webpack loader, etc.
  • scripts: Contains a mix of JS / ReScript based scripts that do all kind of code generation / code introspection logic
  • tailwind.config.js: Contains our Tailwind configuration for all the low level design tokens

Run Tests

Markdown Codeblock Tests

We check the validity of our code examples marked with:

  • ```res example (ReScript code snippet)
  • ```res sig (signature)
  • ```res prelude (ReScript code snippet available for all subsequent code snippets)

Run the checks with:

node scripts/test-examples.mjs

Markdown Hyperlink Tests

We are also verifying markdown href links to relative resources (via [text](url) syntax) with our scripts/test-hrefs.js script. Here is a short explanation on how the href testing works:

Domain relative links, such as /docs/manual/latest, ./introduction, introduction, /docs/foo/ will be verified. That means the tester will check if given path exists in the pages directory.

If there are any anchor refs, such as /docs/manual#test, then the anchor will be ignored for the specific file path check. If there are any hrefs with .md, .mdx or .html file extension, then those will be stripped before the check happens (the markdown renderer drops file extensions on relative links as well).

External hrefs, such as, // will NOT be checked since they are assumed to be external resources.

Here is an example on how to run the tests:

# Tests all files
node scripts/test-hrefs.mjs

# Or just a subset (glob pattern)
node scripts/test-hrefs.mjs "pages/docs/manual/**/*.mdx"

Continous Integration

Always make sure to run npm test before pushing any content, otherwise our CI might trigger a failure warning. Failing branches are very unlikely to be merged.

Design / UX

Design mockups can be found here.

Be aware that some screen designs might still be work in progress, if you have any design / UX questions, either comment directly on the design tool as guest, or open an issue.

Useful commands

Build CSS seperately via npx postcss (useful for debugging)

# Devmode
npx postcss styles/main.css -o test.css

# Production
NODE_ENV=production npx postcss styles/main.css -o test.css

Writing Blog Posts

In case you are a blog author, please refer to our guide on writing blog posts.

How to Add Your Company Logo to Our Front Page

In case your company is a user of ReScript and wants to be displayed on our front page ("Trusted by our users" section), do the following:

  • Get your logo as a black / white .svg version and use #979AAD as a fill color (check out the existing logos on our front page).
  • Put your logo into the public/static/lp folder; the file should be named after your company.
  • Open src/common/OurUsers.res and add your info
  • Commit, push, and open a PR.


Please make sure to first read and comply to our Code of Conduct and check out our file to learn how to get started with our contribution process!


Official documentation website for the ReScript programming language



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