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HyperDex is a scalable, searchable key-value store
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Merge branch 'merge/microtransactions'

* merge/microtransactions: (29 commits)
  Fix merge
  Added min/max for microtransactions
  Fixed all tests
  Use bytestring in java tests
  More tests...
  Committing microtransactions works in java
  Work toward working commit() in the java bindings
  Restore java code generation
  Some more Java microtransaction work
  More testing for Document
  Cleaned up bindings
  Almost working document support in Java
  First steps into proper java bindings and tests
  Actually generate the typ conversion call
  Cleaned up java code-generation script
  Cleaned up java code-generation script
  Fixed memory leaks
  Working cond_commit
  Working group_commit
  Working group_commit
latest commit 4f45d58d0f
Robert Escriva authored
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admin Remove the garbage collector from client
bindings Merge branch 'microtransactions' of
cityhash Don't warn about loop optimizations in cityhash
client Fix merge
common Merge branch 'microtransactions' of
coordinator merge of master into mad293/HyperDex/master
daemon Pass the thread_state into busybee_recv
doc Merge branch 'microtransactions' of
include Merge branch 'microtransactions' of
initscripts/sysv Fix typo in init script
m4 Dynamic indices, including add/rm-index support
maint merge of master into mad293/HyperDex/master
man hyperdex-set-fault-tolerance
noc Make "Add" bold in the NOC
osx add osx support.
test Merge branch 'microtransactions' of
tools hyperdex-set-fault-tolerance
windows An amalgamation of changes I've made over the last few weeks
.gitignore Ignore "compile" from autotools
.tarballignore Cleanup 'make dist' to include more files.
AUTHORS HyperDex is a searchable key-value store.
LICENSE HyperDex is a searchable key-value store. Merge branch 'microtransactions' of Use new busybee object names
THIRD-PARTY Intern cityhash for cross-distro compatibility. Set version numbers Fix hyperdex-admin.pc fixed pkgconf for client.
hyperdex-datastructures-fuzz-test Change datastructures-fuzz-test to require no setup
hyperdex-noc Add the NOC.
hyperdex.cbp Use libdocument instead of libbson hyperdex-set-fault-tolerance
namespace.h Hide all but the public API.
visibility.h An amalgamation of changes I've made over the last few weeks


HyperDex is a distributed, searchable, and consistent key-value store.

More information is available at

Installation instructions available under doc/
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