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Rescuezilla Project Roadmap

Shasheen Ediriweera edited this page Jun 27, 2022 · 19 revisions

Project Goals

Primary goal: Be a graphical, drop-in replacement to Clonezilla.

Secondary goal: Be the best, easiest-to-use system rescue disk ever made


These goals will only be achieved by developing and maintaining high-quality graphical front-ends to powerful system recovery tools, like partclone, testdisk and extundelete.

Future plans include a graphical tool to extract individual files from backup images, a data-salvage tool to rescue data from dying hard drives and much more!

All tools developed by Rescuezilla will be available from the package managers of regular Linux distributions.


Development of a sustainable funding model is crucial to long-term viability, The most high-quality open-source projects (eg, Firefox, Android, GitLab, Linux) rely on companies or foundations funding at least part of the development.

Rescuezilla’s primary revenue stream is Patreon members providing the recurring revenue. The optimal outcome is Rescuezilla being developed by a team of software engineers working full-time on the project, slowly taking over the market of all the closed-source recovery tools, so that a high-proportion of every dollar invested into backup utilities goes towards open-source, instead of the increasingly unpopular closed-source alternatives. This creates a virtuous cycle where the open-source alternatives wins out and everyone benefits. A similar dynamic has played out in many other areas eg, web browsers, closed-source UNIX operating systems and compilers. So please consider becoming a Patreon member to help Rescuezilla become everything it should be!