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Indino 4.0 series defines a new way of transforming factories into smart/intelligent factories for efficient and easy remote monitoring operational status of facilities such as on/off status, pressure and temperature. Indino 4.0 supporting for wide range of industrial protocols like Modbus, MQTT, JSON, RESTful,TCP/UDP , SNMP protocol ,which makes the monitoring and solution integration, easier than ever for IT engineers through open source APIs.


Indino 4.0 can used to build the custom industrial solution for monitoring and controlling PLC and SCADA , HMI , VFD , Motors , servo , Valves , energy meter , actuators , relays , encoder , rfid and finger print readers , industrial sensors and many more with below mentioned operational benefits

Improved productivity.

Reduced downtime.

Maximized asset utilization.

Tracking trends for real-time marketing.

Enhanced situational awareness.

Sensor-driven decision analytics.

Instantaneous control and response in complex autonomous systems


This product used for many industrial applications like

Production and process Management

Utilities Management

Condition Management

Environment Management

Industrial Smart grid

Leakage detection

Cold storage Management

District metering

Water treatment

Generator Management

Green House

Warning message in case of calamities

Remote system management

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