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Smart Factory IIoT 4.0
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Smart Factory IIoT 4.0

RDL data logger is a user programmable comprehensive real time industrial automation platform that offers complete flexibility to users build custom solutions to specific requirements.

Repository contents

• /Documents - Data Logger user manual, configuration user manual.
• /Source Code - Sample code, which can be modified as per user requirements
• /Configuration Software - .exe file

Source code contains

• Configuring the Hardware using Data Logger GUI
• Logs information for the devices connected to MODBUS and Digital Input pins
• Logs information for 4-20mA current sensors and voltage sensors
• SD_Store(String values, String index, char FL) - log information in SD Card
• Read_FRAM(uint16_t ch) - Read data from FRAM
• Write_FRAM(uint8_t values[],uint16_t framAddr) - Store data in FRAM
• System_Log(String data45) - Store system log in SD Card
• Print_Directory(File dir, int numTabs) - List log files
• Upload_FTP(byte val) - Upload log files to FTP server
• Upload_JSON(String values) - Upload log files to cloud using JSON
• Upload_MQTT(String values) - Upload log files to cloud using MQTT

Programming IDE

• Arduino IDE - This source code is written in Arduino IDE
• AtmelStudio - User can write code as per his requirement in AtmelStudio.
To get started with AtmelStudio look into

Product Versions

• Industrial Data Logger - Version 1.0.

Version History

• v10 GitHub version 1.0. Current version

License Information

• This code is open source
• Redistribution and use in source and binary forms, with or without modification, are permitted

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If you have any questions or queries, please contact

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