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A distributed marketplace driven by customer needs

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The central idea of the Web of needs is this: the WWW looks like a marketplace; everyone knows what there is for sale, only a few know what is needed. We want to change that.

The central point is the 'need', which we represent as a linked data resource. It names communication protocol endpoints that can be used to contact its owner and provide information about interesting other 'needs'.

Web of needs is built of

  • won-node: the server component hosting the needs
  • won-owner: a simple application allowing for enduser need management
  • and a matching-service: currently implemented as a crawler that contacts needs (via the protocol endpoints) whenever it finds a good match.

Requirements for getting started:

  • jdk 1.6 or later
  • maven 2 or later
  • tomcat 6 or later as application-server

To prevent reinventing the wheel every single day, we come back to existing (old) technology for the matching services:


  • all needs and offers will be saved there


  • needs are managed by the won-owner


  • the matching-service crawls the won-nodes and looks for need and offer entries with corresponding values.

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