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It should also be possible to provide the client_key as a string #58

bumi opened this Issue · 5 comments

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I'm using Ridley to update some data bags after a Travis-CI run. Mainly to implement continuous deployment. For that I was thinking of putting the chef config - including the client key - into a secure travis ENV variable.

Currently ridley only accepts a path to a client .pem file. Does it make sense to generally change that and add the option to provide the client_key as a String?
I think this would allow greater flexibility in general. What do you think? I'd be happy to change that if you think it's generally interesting.


@bumi I think it's perfectly acceptable to have the default value of client_key, client_name, and server_url in the initializer for Ridley::Client to be the values of three ENV variables if present.

Would this solve your problem?


sorry, for beeing unclear:
I was thinking to not provide the client_key as a path to a file but directly provide the content of the key.

currently it only works with the path:
from what I understand it reads the file content here:

my idea was to provide something like that:{
  :server_url => "...", 
  :client_name => "...", 
  :client_key => "<full content of the client key file>"

I understand. Yeah it's fine to either add an additional option for specifying the key or figuring out if the value given is a path to a file on disk and if the path exists.

@reset reset closed this in #138
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