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0.3b BETA:
- start new changelog
- add support for external dictionary.txt file
- general code cleanup
- save/recall filter option added
0.4b BETA:
- support dark ui (see advanced settings)
- auto-detect filters on startup again (must manually press recall)
- remember the last mapping selected and prioritize it over the dictionary
0.5b BETA:
- redefine ui, now a single window with context switching
- a few other misc ui changes
- add per-filter statistics printout on analysis
- fix 'about' screen
0.6 BETA:
- get ready for more input types
- add 'arbitrary' input type (for wideband, or anything else)
0.7 BETA:
- allow different display output formats for trims
- default to +/- percentage trim display
0.8 BETA:
- remove decimal place from whole percentage display mode
- new basic MAF analysis system
0.9 BETA:
- some code cleanup and general optimization
- ammended dictionary
- fixed bug where filter statistics were not reset
- ignore integrator in arbitrary input mode
- add option to more easily ignore integrator
- add option to use leanest trim in dual bank configs
1.0 BETA:
- fix a bug that prevented integrator data from being used most of the time
- lower the integrator strength to 25% by default (reset your settings!)
- add trim target specification
1.1 BETA:
- display busy cursor more often when the interface is locked up
- add maximum and minimum trim specifications
- don't lose analyzer method setting when switching between similar layouts
- enforce appropriate range in advanced settings
- error checking on dictionary
- remember last used directory when loading log files
- allow drag and drop of logs onto main window
1.2 BETA:
- fix a bug that caused settings to not be initialized for new users