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A quick and easy way to listen, read and study The Qur'an.
Thanks to the great work on, and This is a small and focused extension to quickly access audio files, translations, tafsir (commentary) and prayer times.

Recitations available:
Abu Bakr Ash-Shatri
Ahmad ibn Ali al-'Ajamy
Mishary ibn Rashid al-'Afasy
Mishary ibn Rashid al-'Afasy with English [Saheeh International Translation]
Saad al-Ghamdi
Tawfeeq ibn Sa'id as-Sayegh

Version Log
0.7 Improved UI with Material Design. AngularJS web app.
0.6 Simplified UI and UX
0.5.4: Performance enhancements. link added to nav bar.
0.5.0: UI improvements. Five NEW recitations added.
0.4.2: "Read" a surah (Arabic/English and Tafsir text from
0.4: Toolbar with More Reciters( and Prayer Times (
0.3: Added all Surah names to list
0.2.2: Entire Quran Available (Surahs 001-114)
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