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Diversity in Scientific Computing Unconference
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DISC Unconference 2017 Projects

DISC Events Guide

The NumFOCUS DISCOVER Cookbook (Diverse & Inclusive Spaces and Conferences: Overall Vision and Essential Resources). A guide for organizing more diverse and inclusive events and conferences, produced by the NumFOCUS Diversity & Inclusion in Scientific Computing (DISC) Program, with support from the Moore Foundation.

blog: Diverse & Inclusive Events and Conferences Cookbook

Under-represented Groups

This project is directory of organizations serving under-represented groups (URGs), that may be of interest to those in scientific computing or interested in entering scientific computing.

blog: A Directory to Increase Diversity & Inclusion

Getting Started with Open Source

This repository contains documents and resources on getting started with open source projects.

blog: Getting Started With Open Source — Notes from the NumFOCUS DISC Unconference

Diversity and Inclusion Conversation Kit

Creating a quick start guide to raise awareness and promote conversations about diversity and inclusion in your workplace

blog: Inclusive Approaches to Recruitment & Outreach — Notes from the DISC Unconference

Communicating Feedback as a Service (CFaaS)

This feedback form was designed in the spirit of improving user experiences in the open source community, meetup groups and conferences. It is available for any community to copy, edit and use.

blog: Communicating Feedback as a Service — Notes from the DISC Unconference

Guidelines for Ethical Modeling

A collection of resources and tools designed to provide guidelines for ethical modeling, and to support best practices in ethical data science.

Diversity Metrics (Private repo, not yet open)

Building a diversity and inclusivity survey for NumFOCUS projects and events, and writing a blog about diversity metrics (working in a currently private repo and Google docs)

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