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Better Together

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Better Together is a platform for flexibly connecting multiple smartphones together to separate common tasks. The simple framework helps you connect phones together to share, help and work with other people.

Plugins for Better Together let you split other services or apps into separate parts on different phones. No internet connection is required to connect multiple devices quickly and seamlessly.

See the toolkit website and research project website for more details and related work.

Developing your own plugin

Developing a plugin is the simplest way to create services using the Better Together framework. Taking this approach makes development as easy as possible (just send and receive messages), and testing or debugging fast, because devices you develop on remain connected to each other while you work on your design and update your plugin.

To develop plugins, all that is needed is to import the Better Together API. To get started, see the api source and documentation, and the fully-documented sample plugin.

Integrating Better Together into your own app

If you'd prefer deeper integration, it is possible to add Better Together's connectivity framework to your own app. See, for example, swarachakra keyboard, which enables remote text input in Indic scripts.


Apache 2.0


A platform for flexibly connecting multiple smartphones together to split up common tasks




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