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Notes on distributed vcs and transitioning from standard vcs

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This repository consists of a set of text documents describing EGit, the
Eclipse git plugin. Egit has decent coverage of the subset of Git operations used most often,
but in a number of cases the mapping from Git to egit is not obvious. Egit has also has some
quirks and a few significant holes that are important to know about.

It also includes a set Eclipse external launchers that can be handy for Git operations that
are not yet supported in Egit.

Finally, it includes a brief description of Git itself, which I hope will make the Git -> SVN
transition less painful that it might otherwise be.  The SVN community is convinced that Git is
far more complex and difficult than it actually is.  I believe this is because the most widely
used Git tutorials are more complicated than they have to be, and not well organized from the
transition perspective.

The repository name is a vestige: originally it included detailed notes re: DVCS in general, not 
just Git.
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