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Code | npm | Code sample

npm install reshuffle-asana-connector

This connector uses Node Asana Client package.

Reshuffle Asana Connector

This package contains a Reshuffle connector for Asana.

The following example listen to Asana updates:

const { Reshuffle } = require('reshuffle')
const { AsanaConnector } = require('reshuffle-asana-connector')

const app = new Reshuffle()

const connector = new AsanaConnector(app, {
  accessToken: process.env.ASANA_ACCESS_TOKEN,
  baseURL: process.env.RUNTIME_BASE_URL,
  workspaceId: process.env.ASANA_WORKSPACE_ID,

// Listening to any changes for a given project
connector.on({ gid: projectId, asanaEvent: 'changed' }, (event, app) => {
  console.log(event.change) // { field: 'likes', action: 'added', added_value: { gid: '1199236509904757', resource_type: 'like', user: {...} } }


Table of Contents

Create Asana API token

Configuration Options

Connector Events

Listening to Asana events

Connector Actions

SDK - Node Asana Client SDK

Examples using the SDK

Create Asana access token

Create Asana access token:

Configuration Options

const connector = new AsanaConnector(app, {
  accessToken: process.env.ASANA_ACCESS_TOKEN,

To use Reshuffle Asana connector events, you need to provide at least your runtime baseURL and workspaceId. The workspaceId can be find in Asana Console page url (e.g.<YOUR_WORKSPACE_ID>) You can also override the default webhookPath.

const connector = new AsanaConnector(app, {
  accessToken: process.env.ASANA_ACCESS_TOKEN,
  baseURL: process.env.RUNTIME_BASE_URL,
  workspaceId: process.env.ASANA_WORKSPACE_ID,
  webhookPath: process.env.ASANA_WEBHOOK_PATH // Optional, default is '/reshuffle-asana-connector/webhook'

Required webhooks will be automatically set up for you on app.start(). It uses existing webhooks when ti finds one already registered with the same base URL / workspace ID.

Connector events

Listening to Asana events

Note: Reshuffle Asana events uses Asana webhooks which can be triggered up to a minute after the actual event took place in

To listen to events happening in Asana, simply pass the gid of the entity you want to track (project or task id) This can be found in the URL (e.g for your project home page:<YOUR_PROJECT_ID>/board) You can also pass an asanaEvent (default is trigger for any changes)

interface AsanaConnectorEventOptions {
  gid: string // Asana project or task unique identifier
  asanaEvent?: AsanaEvent // Optional, the default is to listen to any Asana events 

// List extracted from section 'Resources and Actions' at
type AsanaEvent = '*' | 'deleted' | 'undeleted' | 'added' | 'removed' | 'changed'
  • Listening to all events in your project
connector.on({ gid: projectId }, (event, app) => {
  console.log(event.change) // type is AsanaEvent, e.g. 'changed'
  • Listening to added entities in your project
connector.on({ gid: projectId, asanaEvent: 'added' }, async (event, app) => {
  console.log(event.change) // e.g. 'added'
  console.log(event.resource) // { gid: '1198840429184158', resource_type: 'story', resource_subtype: 'added_to_project' }

  // Get the new task details
  const newTask = await connector.sdk().tasks.findById(event.resource.gid)
  console.log('new task details', newTask) // { gid: '1199238260452125', created_at: '2020-11-20T01:13:37.669Z', name: 'task name', ... }

Connector actions

All actions are provided via the sdk. See full list of actions with documentation in Node Asana Client code (select a resource and see the list of actions available via the sdk action.)


Full access to the Node Asana Client SDK

const sdk = await connector.sdk()
Examples using the SDK
  • Get project details
const project = await connector.sdk().projects.findById(projectId)
console.log('project details', project) // { name: 'my project name', ... }
  • Create a new task:
const task = await connector.sdk().tasks.createInWorkspace(project.workspace.gid, { name: 'task 1' })
console.log(`task created`, task) // { gid: '1234567898765', name: 'task 1' }
  • Get all tasks for a project
const tasks = await connector.sdk().tasks.findByProject(projectId)
console.log(`tasks for project ${projectId}`, // [{ gid: '1199204075353966', name: 'File uploader broken on Chrome' }, ...]
  • Amend a task
const taskUpdated = await connector.sdk().tasks.update([0].gid, { name: 'New name' }) // tasks coming from 'Get all tasks for a project' example above
console.log(taskUpdated) // {gid: '0123456789', name: 'New name', ... }
  • Get the team details
const team = await connector.sdk().teams.findById( // project object coming from 'Get project details' example above 
console.log('team details', team) // { name: 'Engineering', gid: '112233', organization: { name: 'my organisation name', gid: '12345'} ... }


Reshuffle Connector for Asana







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