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npm install reshuffle-eidr-connector

Reshuffle EIDR Connector

This package contains a Reshuffle connector to the Entertainment Identifier Registry (EIDR) service at

Please review the EIDR API Specification and User Guide for full details about the service.

The following example creates and API endpoint to query EIDR for movie data:

const { Reshuffle, HttpConnector } = require('reshuffle')
const { EIDRConnector } = require('reshuffle-eidr-connector')

const app = new Reshuffle()
const eidr = new EIDRConnector(app, {
  userId: process.env.EIDR_USERID,
  partyId: process.env.EIDR_PARTYID,
  password: process.env.EIDR_PASSWORD,
const http = new HttpConnector(app)

http.on({ method: 'GET', path: '/query' }, async (event) => {
  const name = ( || '').trim()
  if (name.length === 0) {
    return event.res.status(400).send('Missing name')

  try {
    const { results } = await eidr.query({ title: { exact: name } })
    return event.res.json(results)

  } catch (e) {
    return event.res.status(e.status).json({
      error: e.message,
      details: e.details,


Table of Contents

Configuration Configuration options

Connector actions:

info Get connector information

query Search for media information

resolve Get information for one media resource

simpleQuery Simple search for media information

Configuration options
const app = new Reshuffle()
const eidrConnector = new EIDRConnector(app)

This default initialization will allow access to all public available EIDR functions, including ID resolution. Some functions, including query and ID registration, require EIDR membership credentials. Credentials can be passed as an object in the form:

  userId: string
  partyId: string
  password?: string
  shaddow?: string
  domain?: string

The userId and partyId are mandatory and provided by EIDR to its members. Either password or shaddow (the base64 encoded MD5 hash of password) must also be provided. The domain can used left out in most cases unless there is a specific reason to use a mirror service.

Credentials can also be passed as a string with the following format: Eidr <userId>:<partyId>:<shaddow>.

Credentials can be passed as a second argument to the connector's constructor:

const credentials = { ... }
const eidrConnector = new EIDRConnector(app, credentials)

or as the last optional argument to priviledged actions like query. This method is usedful when building an service or API to allow third patries to perform queries or other priviledged operations against the EIDR registry.

Connector actions

Info action


() => {
  eidrApiVersion: string,
  eidrConnectorVersion: string,


const info = await

Get connector information.

Query action


  query: object | string,
  options?: object,
  credentials?: string | object,
) => {
  totalMatches: number,
  results: object[],


const q = '(/FullMetadata/BaseObjectData/ResourceName "abominable")'

// Get first 25 results
const { results } = await eidrConnector.query(q)

// Get results 11 - 20
const { results } = await eidrConnector.query(
  { pageNumber: 2, pageSize: 10 },


const id = '10.5240/DF48-AB62-4486-C185-9E1B-4'
const { results } = await eidrConnector.query({ title: { exact: name } })

Search the EIDR database for matches to the query. You can specify the query using EIDR XML query language or the EIDR Proxy JSON query language.

The optional options object supports the following optional fields:

  • pageNumber?: number - Results page number (default is 1)
  • pageSize?: number - Results page size (default is 25)
  • root?: string - EIDR ID for rooted queries

See the Configuration section above for more details about access credentials.

Resolve action


  id: string,
) => {
  // media information


const id = '10.5240/DF48-AB62-4486-C185-9E1B-4'
const info = await eidrConnector.resolve(id)

Get the full information for the media resource (movie, tv show etc) with the specified id. The full information can be very details, as described in page 21 of the EIDR API Specification.

Simple Query action


  exprOrObj: string | object,
  compareFunction?: (a: object, b: object) => number,
  credentials?: string | object,
) => object[]


const id = '10.5240/DF48-AB62-4486-C185-9E1B-4'
const results = await eidrConnector.simpleQuery({
  movie: true,
  valid: true,
  StructuralType: 'Performance',

Search the EIDR database for matches to the query. See query above for details.

The Simple Query action does not support pagination and returns the results array directly to the caller. The results are automatically sorted by descending order of release date. You can control the sort order by specifying a compareFunction that behaves like the one used by Array.sort.

See the Configuration section above for more details about access credentials.

Learn more

You can learn more about Reshuffle on


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