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clang-format based C++ formatting tools

This repository helps us keep our C++ source files in a uniform look on all our repositories. You might find this usefull too.

These achievements are due to clang-format, the backend for formatting of source code, based on Clang. We merely put files together in a git repository and wrote this README.

How to use

The sequel assumes that you followed the installation steps bellow

  • Apply formatting to staged files
    Being in the git repository of one of your projects,

    git clang-format
  • Apply formatting to complete repository

    git clang-format --commit `git hash-object -t tree /dev/null`


The pre-requisite is to have clang-format installed. On ubuntu 16.04, you can install the package clang-format. At the time of writing (June 2016) the latest version is 3.8, on Ubuntu 16.04.

Check now that you can run clang-format. If it is not available with this name, try appending the verion number, for instance clang-format-3.7.

Important: if you have version higher or equal to 3.9, you will need to uncomment SortIncludes: false in the .clang-format file. Otherwise, the formatting will be inconsistant with other members of the team.

Integrate clang-format in git

In your shell's configuration file, add the current repository to the path.

For Bash or Zsh:

export PATH=$PATH:/PATH/TO/format_code/

Note: git-clang-format is released by LLVM. The latest version can be found at their GitHub repository. It is distributed under the University of Illinois Open Source License.

Telling git how to find clang-format

If you cannot run clang-fromat without specifying the version number, you'll also need to set a configuration entry in git. For instance, if you have clang-format 3.7:

git config --global clangFormat.binary clang-format-3.7

Add the formatting convetion file

In our team we use the .clang-format convention in this repository. To have git-clang-format use it, we need to setup git config parameters:

git config --global file
git config --global --path clangFormat.stylePath /PATH/TO/format_code

Pre-commit hook (in EACH respository)

One might, by mistake, commit files that do not comply with the formatting convention. We can avoid this with a git hook, provided in this repository. To install, proceed as follow:

  • give execution rights to the file
    cd /PATH/TO/format_code
    chmod +x pre-commit
  • install the hook
    ln -s /PATH/TO/format_code/pre-commit /PATH/TO/YOUR/GIT/REPOSITORY/.git/hooks/

Integrate with your favorite editor (optional)

To spare you the need to manually run the formatter script, you can use a plugin for your favorite source code editor:

  • for Atom, install the plugin clang-format
  • for Vim, Emacs, BBedit, Visual Studio, see the bottom of this page

More on clang-format

For more information on clang-format, please have a look at


Contributions for improvement or bug resolution are welcome, in the form of github issues or pull requests.

If you want, you can write a script to install the git hook on several git repositories, based on the above installation procedure.


The software contained in the present repository is licensed under the (GNU GPL-compatible) CeCILL license, see LICENSE. git-clang-format is an exception, it is licensed under the the University of Illinois Open Source License, available in LICENSE-Illinois.TXT.


  • Authors/Maintainers: Dorian Goepp, Konstantinos Chatzilygeroudis
  • Other contributors: Jean-Baptiste Mouret

This does not apply for git-clang-format.


Clang-format configuration, script and git hook used for our C++ code



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