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Ros Pyminitaur

Ros pyminitaur is a ros package containing ros nodes to interact with the minitaur through ros

You will first need to install and run the CommandRobotRosXY example avalaible here

For more details please check the minitaur_framework

Clone this repository and run :

git submodule update --init --recursive

What nodes are availables ?


This node allows you to load the best parameter set found in a map_elites map and to send the command to the minitaur through the /command/xy_cmd topic


This node allows you to test x behaviours from n maps and save the results (real travelled distance) You need to specify a path containing map_elites maps as an argument. Note that you first need to launch vrpn_optitrack_minitaur.launch in order for this to work.

This specific file tree organisation needs to be respected for n maps :

  • path_to_folder_containing_maps/
    • 1/

      • centroid_file
      • archive_file
    • 2/

      • centroid_file
      • archive_file
    • ../

    • n/

      • centroid_file
      • archive_file

This node is used to run episodes on the minitaur. Note that you first need to launch vrpn_optitrack_minitaur.launch in order for this to work.

This node works thanks to the following services :


/set_ctrl Set the parameters of the controller defined in pycontrollers/ For one leg, one signal from is the x cartesian command and another signal is the y cartesian command.

 /set_episode_duration set the duration of one episode in seconds

/set_mode 1 to start running an episode and 0 to stop it

/set_end_episode_distance This service is defined in pyite and At the end of an episode the distance travelled by the minitaur is recovered by vrpn and sent to either or

/go_to_next_episode This service is defined in pyite and It tells or that the current episode is finished and that we can move to a new episode if needed.

/odom_transform_restart At the beginning of a new episode this service is called to create an odom static tf frame that is the minitaur starting point. It is then used later to determined the minitaur relative position at the end of each episode. This service is launched inside and through vrpn_optitrack_minitaur.launch .

You can see below a graphical overview of how it can be used with pyite :


This node can also be used with



ros package for sending commands to the minitaur




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