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Project Status: Active - The project has reached a stable, usable state and is being actively developed. R-CMD-check CodeFactor

Generate random identifiers in a number of styles:

  • random ids of any number of bytes, such as 31f6d556fe2b303c with ids::random_id
  • UUIDs using the uuid package, such as 4f0efabf-0375-4a08-89ea-b8f162f07c44 with ids::uuid
  • human readable identifiers in the style <adjective>_<animal> (following, such as misanthropic_lungfish with ids::adjective_animal
  • human readable identifiers in the style of a sentence (following Asana, such as 33_enormous_chinchillas_tumbling_elegantly with ids::sentence
  • proquint ("PRO-nouncable QUINT-uplet") identifiers such as dizuz-soboz (which can be converted to an integer such as 40,2638,895) with ids::proquint

These can all be tweaked with options for length, words that are used, and the case that joins words. There is a function ids::ids for creating your own human readable identifiers.


Install this package from CRAN


or install the development version with

remotes::install_github("reside-ic/ids", upgrade = FALSE)