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0.1.1 (2013-02-10)
New features:
- New config option "use_arb_shaders" to cope with some graphics drivers lying about their capabilities
and causing rendering problems.
Engine fixes:
- Fixed bad rendering of the cats race animation
- Fixed characters' lipsync going sometimes out of sync
- Fixed wrong animation when entering Toto's scrimshaw parlor in year 2 (#621)
- Fixed Domino's mouth not stopping moving after talking sometimes (#633)
- Fixed bad render of Glottis outside the beavers dam (#143)
- Fixed Manny teleporting around in the High Rollers Lounge's elevator (#682)
- Fixed mixed up music at the Mayan temple and at the end of the game (#614)
- Fixed the Bonewagon and the monster disappearing in the tunnel when using the software renderer (#701)
- Fixed stuck music when opening the photofinish and examining it immediately later (#246)
- Fixed Manny freezing sometimes when talking to the Angelitos and in some other cases (#483)
- Fixed shadow artifacts when picking up some objects with the OpenGL renderer (#294)
- Fixed the spider orientation when entering the spiders room the first time (#368)
- Fixed Manny going inside some poles outside the Calavera Cafe and outside Velasco's garage (#578)
- Fixed Manny flickering with the OpenGL renderer outside the morgue (#678)
- Fixed subtitles overlapping when talking to Nick with Glottis screaming in the background (#685)
- Fixed the Bonewagon popping when Glottis starts driving in the Petrified Forest (#691)
- Fixed a crash happening sometimes in the beavers dam (#453)
- Fixed audio volumes resetting or changing on their own (#710)
- Fixed a crash happening sometimes when a character talks (#711)
- Fixed the cat race animation not stopping when changing room (#679)
- Fixed the gun not disappearing when Manny puts it away outside the greenhouse (#422)
- Fixed Toto abruptly interrupting when talking sometimes when Naranja is asleep
Game data fixes:
- Fixed vanishing of Manny's nautical hat in year 3 when using the inventory
- Fixed the sequence of Bowlsley pointing the gun at Manny in his shop
- Fixed bonewagon popping when entering and exiting the room with the pump tree (#280)
- Fixed the DOD door animation and duplicated sfx when using it
- Fixed Glottis' animation when he hands Manny the work order (#237)
- Fixed the wine cellar forklift not showing a part of its model (#707)
- Fixed the sound of punching bag in Dom's office occurring before the animation (#351)
- Fixed an animation glitch upon breaking the Neon-Lady (#300)
- Fixed the turkey baster becoming full again after Manny empties it (#680)
- Fixed Toto not looking at Manny when speaking to him (#285)
- Fixed Toto's phone being rendered two times when Manny uses it (#622)
- Fixed Manny's animations freezing when using Toto's phone and skipping dialogue lines
- Made walking from behind Manny's desk in his room in the Cafe easier
- Fixed wrong Manny positioning when going from the stairs of the cat race track to the folding bridge
- Fixed invisible Domino's drawer (#29)
- Fixed Manny's walk/run animation not running (#28)
- Fixed wrong head orientation when looking at something
- Fixed various objects not showing
0.1.0 (2012-12-21)
- First release.
- Grim Fandango full game and demo supported.
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