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List of fixed bugs in EMI scripts:
+Others modifications:
-Differently from Grim Fandango, global preferences (such as volume, subtitles, ...)
in EMI are saved in a text file (at least in Windows reatil version and demo).
Patches to _options.lua modifies this behaviour and hooks directly into ResidualVM
configuration manager through GetResidualVMPreference and SetResidualVMPreference
opcodes. For simplicity, these patches patches only load the file residualvm-prefs.lua,
(they add a 'dofile("residualvm-prefs.lua")' at the end of _options.lua) see it for
further details. At the moment, these modifications applies only to the demo
and the Windows retail versions.
-Fix the way that Guybrush stands on the raft when using his inventory in mot - mot.lua.patch
There is a varible that is never declared in mot.lua which positions Guybrush on
the raft. Instead of using that one, just use the other variable they probably meant to use.
Contents of residualvm-emi-patch.m4b and its rebuild:
residualvm-emi-patch.m4b contains all .patchr files in the
dists/engine-data/patches/emi/ directory.
If you add a new patch in that directory, you have to update this file
with a detailed description of what that patch does.
Then you have to rebuild residualvm-emi-patch.m4b with mklab from the
residualvm-tools repo. The rebuild command is (assuming that you are
launching it in dists/engine-data/):
$ mklab --emi patches/emi residualvm-emi-patch.m4b
Please check that there aren't any files different from .patchr inside
that directory before the rebuild, so delete all junk, backup and system
files, like namepatch.patchr~, namepatch.patchr.bak, .DS_Store, Thumbs.db
and so on.
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