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ResidualVM shares much of its code with ScummVM, and therefore much of its
translations are the same.
This directory contains translations of the parts that are unique to
ResidualVM, largely those belonging to its engines.

If you want to contribute a translation, please follow these steps:
1) call `make updatepot` from a build directory to get a residualvm.pot.
2) use `msginit -i po/residualvm.pot -o po/residualvm/nl_NL.po -l nl_NL`
   to generate a template you can fill in. Make sure to set the charset to
   ISO-8859-1, not UTF-8.
3) Once your translations are done, call `make update-translations` and
   `make install` to update the `translations.dat` file.
4) To actually test, set the `gui_language` key in your .residualvmrc to
   the desired locale (eg. nl_NL).