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Yet another Lightbox clone, using no javascript library.
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Anabox is yet another lightbox clone that only needs Javascript, but
does not use any AJAX framework and is therefore extremely lightweight.
It incorporates the following features:

    * Image captions
    * Grouping of images
    * Linking to the image, if no JavaScript enabled or incompatible web
      browser (graceful degradation)

How to use Anabox

    * Include anabox.js and anabox.css in any page you want to use with
    * Put the images for prevlabel.gif, nextlabel.gif, closelabel.gif
      and loading.gif in the folder images on your webserver. You can
      customize the location and files via editing anabox.js line 3
      fileBottomNavCloseImage='images/closelabel.gif';) and anabox.css
      lines 18 and 19.
    * Any picture you want to enable in the anabox layer, link to it via
      <a href="imagefile" rel="anabox">linktext</a>
    * If you want to use a caption add title="your caption" to the <a>
      element like this: <a href="imagefile" rel="anabox"
      title="your caption">linktext</a>
    * If you want to group images, add [group_name] to the rel attribut
      like this: <a href="imagefile" rel="anabox[group_name]"
      title="your caption">linktext</a> The group name can only consist
      of letters, numbers, underscore and hyphens and will not show up
      anywhere (except in the markup of course).
    * Other settings you might want to customize in anabox.js are also
      in line 3: borderSize=10 for the size of the border around the
      images and labelImage="Image",labelOf="of"; for image sets
      (outputs labelImage No. labelOf pictures_in_set).
    * For easier customization, download the uncompressed files and
      minify the javascript yourself, e.g. with The YUI compressor. You
      can then even check the option to reduce the file size even more
      by obfuscating the variables.
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