A VJ Bot that maps volume and spectrum of incoming sound to size and colors of video.
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Denno Senshi Porygon is a VJ-Bot that visualizes incoming sound on
3D objects.

Currently implemented are a cube with a simple background on all faces
and a circle with videos from a playlist.

All is implemented in Puredata, you will also need the libraries Gem
and zexy for OpenGL and diverse audio / message transformations. These
libraries are also included in pd-extended.

The incoming sound volume is mapped to the size of these two objects,
and the brightness of the scene, the frequency distibution to the colors
of the scene: lower sounds tend to make the scene redder, middle sound
frequencies make the scene greener, and higher frequencies bluer. Volume
differences between the right and left channel make the objects jitter.

For a demonstration see the video at archive.org: