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@@ -47,29 +47,9 @@ The library uses the template for Pd-extended. Drop the library in a
new folder "purest_json" in the "external" path of the Pd-extended
source code and run make in the folder. libcurl and json-c is needed.
-Here are the steps in detail:
-1. Download the sources of Pd-extended from
+Details can be found at
-2. Create a subfolder in the extracted source Pd-0.42.5-extended/externals
- with the name purest_json and gut the sources of purest_json in there.
-3. Make sure to have the header files for libcurl and json-c installed,
- on Debian the libraries are called libcurl-dev (with several packages
- providing this virtual package) and libjson0-dev respectively.
-4. Now run "make" inside the folder Pd-0.42.5-extended/externals/purest_json/
- and you should get a file purest_json.EXT, where EXT is the library file
- extension for your platform (dll, pd_darwin, pd_linux). The help patches
- are the *.pd files in the root folder.
-5. Some example patches are in the examples folder.
-6. To create a deb package, edit the file debian/control to change the
- value for Architecture to match your architecture (i386, amd64, powerpc,
- ...) and run equivs-build debian/control after make.
-- Implementing OAUTH
-- JSON error when querying Twitter
+If you encouter bugs or feel like a feature is missing, have a look
+the bug tracker at
@@ -38,6 +38,7 @@ void json_decode_list(t_json_decode *x, t_symbol *selector, int argcount, t_atom
atom_string(argvec + i, value, MAX_STRING_SIZE);
strcat(json_string, value);
+ /*post("%s", json_string);*/
jobj = json_tokener_parse(json_string);
output_json(jobj, x->x_ob.ob_outlet, x->done_outlet);
if (!is_error(jobj)) {
@@ -152,6 +152,7 @@ void *execute_rest_thread(void *thread_args) {
result = curl_easy_perform(curl_handle);
if (result == CURLE_OK) {
+ /* post("%s", out_memory.memory);*/
/* Parse JSON */
jobj = json_tokener_parse(out_memory.memory);
/*outlet_symbol(x->x_ob.ob_outlet, gensym(out_memory.memory));*/

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