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Introduction is a #DApp built on The #DApp is the brainchild of swedish prodigy Johan Nygren, and part of his philosophical work How to Create Resilience. introduces some new concepts, such as a THE INCENTIVE LAYER, peer-to-peer dividend pathways, and hints at a future feature called decentralized taxRate governance.

The design of right now:

The system is a bit of a hack. It uses Ripple API subscribe to create a dividend-network that mirrors the Ripple Network. This mirror network computes dividends on each transaction, and does all the magic. Each user has to sign in manually once in a while to declare tax. I have an old prototype client on that declares tax automatically. All in all, it´s really easy to create these technologies.

Because of this design, any currency that is transacted on the ripple network can be connected to my #DApp. Other #DApps integrate dividends via ripple-gateways (eg., but they are then limited to the userbase of that gateway. By integrating it across the entire network, I reach everyone.

*version 2.0 should be integrated directly with the ripple-protocol.

The concepts shows my peer-to-peer dividend pathway concepts, basically that safety net emerge from the sum of a persons financial transactions, and p2p, and this integrates really well with Ripple.

There´s the incentive layer, something I´ve invented.

And there´s also a layer that adds natural selection to what % of dividend tax network clusters should use, but I skip that for version 1.0. I can rant about it and teach you about it if you want to, my ideas extend further then this app.

Other #basicincome/dividend #DApps

How to boot up:

Deploy to That´s all you need to do :)


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