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A Spring Cloud 2 demo which shows how to use the Resilience4j Spring Cloud 2 Starter
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If you want to use resilience4j with Spring Cloud Config, add the Spring Cloud2 Starter of Resilience4j to your compile dependency.

repositories {

dependencies {
  compile "io.github.resilience4j:resilience4j-spring-cloud2:${resilience4jVersion}"


The configuration is similar to resilience4j-spring-boot2.


Setup and usage in Spring Cloud 2 with Spring Boot 2 is demonstrated in this demo.

There are two modules in demo. server module is spring-cloud-config server. It serves config files inside the config branch. client module is Spring Boot 2 application with spring-cloud-config.

Getting Started

  1. Start the server module.
  • It works as spring-cloud-config server.
  1. Start the client module after server module is up.
  • client application will fetch application.yml from server module.
  1. Request to http://localhost:8080/check.
  • You can see the Resilience4j's default config value in application.yml served by server module.
  1. Edit some config values in config branch for checking changes is applied to registries.

  2. Request to http://localhost:8080/actuator/refresh for refreshing Registry's config.

  • Edited configs will be applied to registries.
  1. Request to http://localhost:8080/check again.
  • You can see the edited config values.
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