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Welcome to the ResilientDB wiki!

This page will guide you through ResilientDB. This document is the one-stop location to know about the modules of ResilientDB without even going through the codebase. Enjoy!

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Set up your Environment

  • In the ~/path-to-resilientDB (directory where ResilientDB is cloned), execute following bash command to untar the dependencies:

    cd deps && \ls | xargs -i tar -xvf {} && cd ..
  • In the ~/path-to-resilientDB run make on the terminal to compile. Post compilation, rundb and runcl executables are available.
  • Here, rundb is used to initialize the backup replicas and the runcl executable is used to initialize the clients.

For first-time users, we recommend trying ResilientDB with Docker containers. To run ResilientDB with Docker, the following dependencies must be installed:

  • docker
  • docker-compose