The official Resin CLI tool.
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Resin CLI

The official Resin CLI tool.

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  • NodeJS (at least v0.10)
  • Git
  • The following executables should be correctly installed in your shell environment:
    • ssh: Any recent version of the OpenSSH ssh client (required by resin sync and resin ssh)
    • rsync: >= 2.6.9 (required by resin sync)
Windows Support

resin sync and resin ssh have not been thoroughly tested on the standard Windows cmd.exe shell. We recommend using bash (or a similar) shell, like Bash for Windows 10 or Git for Windows.

If you still want to use cmd.exe you will have to use a package manager like MinGW or chocolatey. For MinGW the steps are:

  1. Install MinGW.
  2. Install the msys-rsync and msys-openssh packages.
  3. Add MinGW to the %PATH% if this hasn't been done by the installer already. The location where the binaries are places is usually C:\MinGW\msys\1.0\bin, but it can vary if you selected a different location in the installer.
  4. Copy your SSH keys to %homedrive%%homepath\.ssh.

Getting Started


This might require elevated privileges in some environments.

$ npm install --global --production resin-cli

List available commands

$ resin help

Run the quickstart wizard

$ resin quickstart


The Resin CLI can be extended with plugins to automate laborious tasks and overall provide a better experience when working with Check the plugin development tutorial to learn how to build your own!


Where is my configuration file?

The per-user configuration file lives in $HOME/.resinrc.yml or %UserProfile%\_resinrc.yml, in Unix based operating systems and Windows respectively.

The Resin CLI also attempts to read a resinrc.yml file in the current directory, which takes precedence over the per-user configuration file.

How do I point the Resin CLI to staging?

The easiest way is to set the environment variable.

Alternatively, you can edit your configuration file and set resinUrl: to persist this setting.

How do I make the Resin CLI persist data in another directory?

The Resin CLI persists your session token, as well as cached images in $HOME/.resin or %UserProfile%\_resin.

Pointing the Resin CLI to persist data in another location is necessary in certain environments, like a server, where there is no home directory, or a device running Resin OS, which erases all data after a restart.

You can accomplish this by setting RESINRC_DATA_DIRECTORY=/opt/resin or adding dataDirectory: /opt/resin to your configuration file, replacing /opt/resin with your desired directory.


If you're having any problem, check our troubleshooting guide and if your problem is not addressed there, please raise an issue on GitHub and the team will be happy to help.

You can also get in touch with us at our public Gitter chat channel.


The project is licensed under the Apache 2.0 license.